Vulva owner manual

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The vagina is a very delicate, sensitive and powerful organ. Matter of fact, it is the citadel of wellness in a woman. Generally, vaginal health affects more than just your sex life; it affects your whole well being.

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If there was a headquarters for womanhood, it would be located in the vagina. Some dare to say cunt for effect for sure, but never vagina. Vaginas should be idolised, after all, none of us would be here without them.

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The Vital, Vigorous, Voluptuous Vagina The vagina is a passageway formed by a pliable tube surrounded by layers of muscle. The functions routinely listed for it are to provide a pathway for menstrual blood, a passage for semen, and an exit route for babies. While it is often portrayed as being an open tunnel, this is one thing it is not.

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Read on for some surprising—and awe-inspiring—new facts. All the external parts of your reproductive system are properly called the vulva. The vulva includes:.

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Precautions to be taken Safety and responsibility Technical and environmental specifications

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There are so many things we're never told about our vaginas like that most of the things on this list are actually about vulvas instead of vaginas, and no, the two are not the same. Here are 15 things I wish we'd had cleared up sooner. What the hell that white stuff in your underwear is.

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We are here for many reasons. The myths and the misinformation about the vagina and the vulva are like the mythical Hydra, I feel as if I cut one head off and two pop up in its stead! As far as the vagina and vulva are concerned the age of information has passed and we have entered the age of misinformation.

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Read on, my good friend! Here are my top That blew my mind. Thanks, body!

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In an ideal world, everyone born with a vagina would get an owner's manual as soon as they were able to read. Unfortunately, we live a world that instead opts to waste our precious childhoods teaching us about cats and their hats instead of guiding us through the ins and outs of our complex, amazing lady biz. Some of us come across great guides to our vaginas later in life, but many of us don't — and even those of us who devote ourselves to studying the vaginal arts don't necessarily know or understand everything that happens in our undercarriage.

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The vagina is pretty complicated. It may surprise you, but vaginal cleanliness depends way more on general health —a balanced diet, exercise and enough water—than on lotions and potions. Even though the vagina is a complex organ, it's actually pretty simple and straightforward to care for it.


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