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Brings back memories, pyjama time was always in the front room up to the age of nearly 15, occasionally a smacked bare bottom over mums knee. I could guarantee if a friends of my mum or my younger sister were there I would be going over her knee, she loved to show that she was in control of me. Thanks for leaving your comment Stephen.

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Here are a few samples of apparently real women from all over the world who are still seeking domestic guidance. Candy wrote: I am 21 and still get it from my parents for coming in late and sometimes talking back, it is mostly on the bare butt but I also get it nude too, They tell me that as long as i live in their house I will go by their rules, and since I am going to tech school i hardly can afford to move out at this point, it is really embarassing sometimes when i have to get it nude and my dad and little brother are there to see, I am sure my brother gets a eyefull if you know what I mean Kay wrote: I was spanked by both my parents until I moved out of their home at age I believe in spanking and use this method on my daughters.

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Background: This story is set in the 28th century. Rejuvenation is common, and is used not only to extend life but as a punishment for criminal behavior. Melody is a fifty year old woman who was convicted of embezzlement last October.

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I think that he should of beat Bobby! Even if you were bribing him, he shouldn't of dropped it! And still of beat you, but not as bad it was mostly Billy's fault Bobby should've gotten spanked too.

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Serena raised the hem of her candy-striped skirt to her hips, and hovered over the little ebony stool, as her Mistress looked on encouragingly. Mister Cholmondeley and his wife will be here soon. You know how proud I am to have you kneeling at my feet.

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The room was quite warm despite the early hour and how cold nights get in King's Landing, so much so that she was really beginning to sweat beneath her wool nightgown. Sansa kept looking at the floor. She feared her punishment but was more than a little glad that it would be from the queen rather than from King Joffrey.

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If anyone has a current url for this site, please let me know. Naughty Kids Discipline Equipment. My niece strained the meaning of exasperation sometimes.

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The story is set in and features a girl breaking curfew. After her boyfriend drops her off he discovers her makeup kit on the floor of his car. As he walks back to the house to return the kit he is startled by the sounds of a spanking taking place. Unable to help himself, he stands there and listens in until the spanking is finished.

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Pretty soon I am going to be starting a new project. It is going to be a vanilla project that you will all be welcome to share in. I became so invested in the spanking world though that it started to seep into real life for me.

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The late s were an amazing time. The Web was growing geometrically. It was a time when software engineers felt like they were the heirs of the future. There were exciting new experiments in expression and communication.


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