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Muchas gracias por compartir tu maravilloso trabajo con el mundo. Yo that was heartbreaking Birdbox : can't see Hush : can't hear and speak A quiet place : can't speak BTS : can't meet cause we broke German teen cuties. The prize was so cool I want it best YouTubers ever.

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Why doesn't he just get matched by one of the employees??? I have been working on it and it is pay for it to you and your How can someone even dislike such a beautiful piece of work The world of criticism never stops bothering everyone Love your work bro Anything you come up next will be just better and would love to see it If I could ask, then it would be a pendant of course This is the best channel I've watched every video multiple times love this shit keep it up Just take a straw or a tube or something and you would win!!! I am half German and half Turkey and you haven't even mentiont one of them :.

Why do you collab with people who antagonise you and ruin your videos? Even the title triggers me why can't boys do the nail hacks too!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Says sarcasticly. Anybody still getting hyped after hearing it again?

Dang Kawhi jumper wasn't dropping tonight I put this loss on him and he had some bad turnovers He drives into the double team to much All he needs to do on some cases when he's in the post is fake to the middle then pivot baseline KD is the best player in the NBA followed by Kawhi Everybody hates KD for going to Warriorswho cares Lebron colluded with Wade and Bosh to create a super team by making sure they would hit free agency the same year Would have done the same with Carmelo if he hadn't already taken an extension with the Nuggets at the time Then the Anthony Davis mess Actively recruiting Kawhi and Butler while they are in the playoffs Aziatskoe porno olline A palette takes really fucking long to produce people, he probably had already chosen the names of the colors MONTHS ago Doesn't mean he and Emma are not friends, it's not that fucking serious. This video was basically one giant ad for DDG and promotes some right wing propaganda Legit took me around 30 seconds to realize the Runescape bit wasn't a meme but actual paid promotion. Not this mediatic Lady Gaga one!

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Seems good in theory but not ideal or practical Celebrity shaved head Hextian, you are the gayest icon right under James Charles Not really a huuuuge fan of him but this human being is just so delightful and cool and funny. I hope you guys can get Matt and RZ twin out!. What should we name it?

Ayy we had a dick i our school named ivy and she broke 2 phones and a laptop apple pro which all togeather costed about dollers in repairs seeing as they were all top quality items the familys sued her and they got about 20k in return all togeather good deal i say Click the like bottom if you love your parents They should've let Daniel Radcliffe just be himself in the HP movies He's much closer to Sassy Book Harry Love the guy. Your a boss Nino Mad respect for being involved on mutiple platforms and speaking truths, i love your work That game master mask might be from Daniel beacuse he used to work with the GM also it could be from chad that he found cause chad found a GM mask Husband lick cum covered cock. WOW that ar a lot of adimals!

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Cammy mugen nude Boys are better than girls so they boys have to win. When did sister Ian get his hair dyed and tattoos? Beach porno nudizm Asian prego swallow You brought 8 pairs bro!! Can someone tell me why it says freestyle in the title?

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For the first time, you actually want to mention blowing a 3 - 1 lead as a Warriors fan These tips are gonna help my channel thank you : I wish i was there to stab them in the chest Somebody call the copsThis guy stole his own truckHis own drugs and his own money. So How does the sprinkle taco taste? I thought that your mother was japanese and is fluent in japanese lmao Sir from which subject u crack upsc sir please reply sir.

Beware of the makeup, they recently had a raid of makeup that was counterfeit, and full of all kinds of chemicals Never trust the garment district when it comes to makeup!!!!! Porno s tolustushkami. I just watched a duck and chicken get married tf Never doubt yourself people may say you're ugly but as long as you don't think it then you're not Did they check the dumpster fire for any DNA of Lisa or did they search the woods for anything? If it was him he could of been watching the family from the shadows Xx.